How to Wear a Cowboy Hat While Driving?

Cowboy hats are a famous piece of clothing that is worn for a long period and by so many people for varying reasons.

Cowboys are the pioneers of the cowboy hat it’s a clothing piece that is synonymous with the cowboy profession. They are almost not found without it.

Driving a vehicle is a simple to complex task that warrants full attention all time.

You must wear a cowboy hat the right way when you are behind the wheels.

This poses a question on the best practices involved when trying to put on one while driving.

Best ways to wear a Cowboy hat while driving

At an angle over your head

How to Wear a Cowboy Hat While Driving

While driving you can wear a cowboy hat by placing it at an angle over your head.

This way the cowboy hat is tilted at an angle, with the front of the brim narrow and facing upward while the back of the brim rests on the back of your neck.

The cowboy hat should be firmly placed and be of the correct size to prevent flying off.

If you must wear them while driving, simply find a safe spot to park and wear them before driving again. When driving is best to avoid distractions.

With a scarf or bandana around your neck

How to Wear a Cowboy Hat While Driving

Cowboy hats are fashionable pieces of material.

They can be styled and worn with a scarf or bandana around your neck, this accessory adds a touch of style to the look and is also commonly seen amongst cowboys.

Select colors that go well with your hat and clothing. The scarf or bandana can also be used to tuck in stray or lose hair as you drive.

Forward over one ear

How to Wear a Cowboy Hat While Driving

Cowboy hats can be worn tilted on the head with one side of the brim resting and Pushed further down the side of the face.

The ear is covered partially or fully in this case, this provides a clear line of sight while driving.

You can also find many buckaroos A string running from left to right of the hat keeps It from flying off as the winds whip by.

The cowboy hat has been originally worn by cowboys also referred to as buckaroos, broncos, cowpokes, wranglers, etc.

The main duty of a cowboy involves attending to and herding a cattle flock. They are also the best highlights in rodeo events.

These hats may be worn as a fashion statement or to complement an outfit while adding protection to the wearer by preventing unfavorable weather conditions from directly disturbing them.

A lot of hat variants exist today; these include flat caps. Pillbox and cloche.

Can I pull off my Cowboy hat while driving?

Yes, you can pull off your cowboy hat while driving.

Unless your cowboy hat is fastened with a rope It can be easily pulled off just using one hand, while the other hand holds the steering wheel firmly in place.

This action should be done swiftly and should be done as a last resort, where parking is not possible.

There is no problem with wearing a cowboy hat while driving and this applies to also to pulling them off. Keep in mind traffic laws at all times.

Cowboy hats are better suited when driving a truck than a small car, there is more room for space in a truck to prevent the top of the hat from squishing.

Wear a cowboy hat that fits your head perfectly, you don want the winds blowing them off on the highway or when horseback riding.

However, some special circumstances would warrant you to pull off your ha such as, during the national anthem, national pledge, funeral procession, during church service or prayer, etc.

Has should also come off when talking to a woman, one hand should shake while the other holds your hat.

In what way can you keep a cowboy hat on while driving?

Keeping your cowboy hat when driving can be done by ensuring some major factors are ensured these includes:

Your cowboy hat should be its proper size

For his o work and you have your ha on while driving, you have to confirm that the hat you are wearing is the correct size with your head.

While driving we can overemphasize the importance of your cowboy hat sitting tightly on your head.

Your cowboy hat should fit your hair type

Improperly placed has could be a result of being ill-fitted with your hair type. To prevent this, ensure that you adjust your hat to fit your hair before having it on.

Keep the hat in place using a stampede string

After fitting your cowboy hat on top your head and you notice movement, you can attach a stampede string to the brim of the hats.

This will keep It firmly locked in place preventing any loose movement and distractions while driving.

Adjust the brim of the hat

The brim of the hat needs to be positioned in a way that it doesn’t disrupt your line of sight but also provides a cover for your face from extreme weather conditions.

Pros of wearing a Cowboy hat while driving

Cowboy hats protects your vision

Driving in the direction of the sun can be very unpleasant. The direct sun glare entering your eyes when driving can get a bit uncomfortable. This leads to blurry vision and watery eyes.

Accidents from head on-collision with other motorists or loss of control from concentration, all may lead to an unwanted situation like veering off-road.

This would cause a bad situation for other road users, s caution should be taken.

Prolonged exposure to the glaring sun rays can also affect any road user adversely by causing a distraction.

It also is a health risk to drivers. The reduces or mitigates any accident that may occur as a result.

They offer comfort to the wearer

In motor vehicles designed without a roof, the elements of sun, rain, and snow would always be a lingering problem.

As a result, normal driving operations may be interrupted by fatigue due to constant squinting or poor vision.

Drivers eliminate all these problems by wearing a cowboy hat. The wide brims of the cowboy hat help to protect the eyes and face of the driver from unwanted weather effects.

The temperature is kept regulated by the high crown design of the cowboy depending on the weather conditions.

Shows the driver’s sense of style

A lot of information can be gotten from how a person dresses or by the clothes they wear.

One’s status as a cowboy or buckaroo is easily identified by wearing a cowboy hat, his status is announced without any formal introduction.

Cowboy hats are real fashion statement pieces, as they make a bold expression of one’s style.

They pair perfectly with boots and other simple clothes like jeans. They have had a long history and legacy that carries to the present.

Cons of wearing a Cowboy hat while driving

It may become uncomfortable

When driving with a cowboy hat on the elevated crown may come in contact with the roof.

This would lead to a loss of structural integrity, and the hat would lose shape.

Also, the wide brim nature of the cowboy hat may cause interference with driving as It constantly brushes against the headrest of the driver seat, leading to a lack of focus when driving.

One way to stop this from happening is to adjust the chair backward, though this is not a safe practice.

If an accident were to occur, pushing the chair backward can lead to serious injuries.

It may not be a safe practice

There is a chance of the hat sliding down the wearer’s head and covering his/her eyes. Driving safely involves your line of vision being clear.

It is a high risk to drive when your vision is obstructed. When driving it’s advisable to do away with everything that causes a distraction.

Safety of yourself and other road users should be paramount when driving.

If you must drive with a cowboy hat on, ensure that you do so safely. You can also choose to wear them when you are done driving.

Why do you never put a cowboy hat upside down when driving?

One of the rules for ensuring that your cowboy hat lasts long and remains in shape is to never put them upside down.

When driving, this action can cause pressure to affect the high crown of the cowboy hat.

Cowboy hats should be placed on a flat surface or proper hanging station when not in use.

The proper way to place them on a flat surface with the crown on the bottom is because the crown is more firm than the brim.


Like everything in life, major rules govern how we should properly wear a piece of a cowboy hat. These rules are intermittent and adaptive to different circumstances.

While driving various guides are put in place when it comes to wearing cowboy, hats many are for safety reasons.

These rules are there for practical reasons as they offer protection to their wearers.

Cowboy hats can also be worn by others who aren’t cowboys, many people wear them for practical reasons as protection from the elements.

It can also be worn fashionably as a statement piece due to its unique nature.

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